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10 years ago Marta started a trip to Africa that would change her life. Her love and passion for this beautiful continent, its people and its wild life have led her to form her family in Kenya. Now the time has come for his passion and that of his brothers and family to work together in a new family RETO ( CHALLENGE in Maasai language).

We want to protect, train and help the Maasai culture with your collaboration. From the Maasai Reto Association we will develop programs for the entire Maasai community in Kenya. Did you sign up?? we need you

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Would you like to join us?

Restaurant ARRELS, next july 12th de 2024 at 19:30h

We will show you our project and our future challenges

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Why should you collaborate with Maasai Reto?

Local Community
Local Community
We are always in contact with local community
Volunteers programm
Volunteers programm
Would you like to life a unique experience in Kenya?
Projects in Kenya
Projects in Kenya
We work to improve the local community needs, discover what we do and how

Our projects are growing thanks to your collaboration

RETO Bedroom: 100% done

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RETO New school: Phase I and II 

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RETO Beekeping: 100% done

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Being able to walk through the African savannah with the Maasai and get to know their way of life is a unique experience

Carles Gras, co-founder

I never dreamed of living in Africa, I never imagined that it would steal my heart.

Maria Guardiola, co-founder

We are lucky to have been able to live the night in Africa, its sounds, its life, we cannot let it be lost

Jordi Gras, co-founder

Getting to know the wonderful continent of Africa, a place where its people and its nature will enter your heart forever…. An unforgettable dream.

Vanessa De La Torre, co-founder

My life took a 360º turn when I discovered Africa, now nothing would make sense without its people, its customs, its culture

Marta Gras, co-founder

Even being a Kamba, the Maasai land has always been my place, and I would like to help the Maasai as much as I can, I grew up with them.

Morris Kiema, co-founder

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